Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

2013 | HD Video, Concrete and Iron | 9'23" 


In this video, together with three friends, Beckers can be seen building a concrete structure resembling the architecture of Arcosanti, a failed utopian community in the Arizona desert. While mixing, transporting and pouring cement, he talks about ways to avoid the sometimes chaotic and unexpected events in one's life. He eventually argues that the best solution is just to simply stay home. A rudimentary home even, that by the end of video has reached its completion and can be seen in the actual exhibition space as part of the installation.

If a friend of mine goes on a holiday and comes back and he tells me: “Feiko, I just had an amazing holiday. In fact, it was the best holiday ever.” And he then would ask me: “Feiko, would you like to know more?” I would probably tell him that I’m not at all interested. If he would tell me however that he had a horrible holiday, I would be all ears.
Installation view at Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art (2016)

Installation view at Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art (2016)

Realised with the support of Pavillon Neuflize OBC and Palais de Tokyo

Camera: Sander Houtkruijer
Assistant: Rebecca Digne
Sound: Francesco Fonassi

Special thanks to Pieter Lammer, Pieter Kemink and Stephan Kuderna