The Unspectacular Things

The Unspectacular Things

HD Video | 4'32" | 2018


In the video The Unspectacular Things, Beckers explains how he often fails to be impressed by things that are spectacular or extraordinary. Instead he feels more related with mundane, everyday activities. 
So when Beckers puts on safety glasses and jumps trough a glass window, the actual jump only happens offscreen. Instead, Beckers focuses on the less exciting act of cleaning the shattered glass afterwards. Thereby turning the viewers' attention towards those everyday things that normally are not put on a pedestal.

It all comes down to what you can relate to. Because although the chances are very slim that one day I will have to clean a royal palace, those chances are still bigger than me one day living in a royal palace.

Realised with the support of het Resort, Groningen

Camera & color grading: Marcel IJzerman

Sound & Light: Tjeerd Melchers
Thanks to Oost, Groningen and Peter Pohlmann