Why I don't own a sofa

Why I don't own a sofa

2016 | HD Video | 6'53"


The video Why I don't own a sofa consists of three segments in which Beckers explains his dislike for sofa's. He argues for example that sofa's are confusing pieces of furniture, while he likes furniture whose purpose is direct and clear. And in another segment he explains that he thinks sofa's are just too comfortable.
After each segment Beckers therefor instead sits down on a chair. Unfortunately for him the chairs are rather uncomfortable and he visibly struggles to sit down on them. 

...a sofa has an easy outward journey, but a difficult return journey. Everybody knows that it’s easy to sit down on a sofa, but hours later, it’s sometimes hard to get up again. And I don’t like that order. Because it are these kind of difficulties that I prefer to deal with first. And that’s why I don’t have a sofa.

Realised with the support of Villa Zebra, Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Foundation

Camera and light: Marcel IJzerman
Sound and music: Steven Jouwersma